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Bearded Collie


The Bearded Collie (or Beardie) gets his name from his beard, which grows over the lips and chin. The entire body is overgrown with dense, soft, furry undercoat and long, rough and strong outer hair all around the legs. He is child-friendly and good-natured. The attentive, enterprising expression is a distinctive feature of the breed. As an original working dog, the Beardie needs no special care. It only needs to be brushed regularly.

Club Collie longhair.jpg


The Rough Collie is a house and family dog as you want it. He is one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs, embodies beauty and elegance. Due to his child friendliness and loyalty to the family, he always excels as a comrade and guard. However, he claims to be an integrated family member. Except for enough exercise, this and his fair treatment is the greatest demand he places on his owners. He would resent an isolated kennel posture.



The short-haired Smooth Collie is the easy-care, robust variant of the  Rough Collie at a corresponding size. It is also available in sable white, tricolor and bluemerle. 
The Smooth Collie is an excellent family dog, fond of children, easy to train, almost without hunting instinct, therefore also good to keep in a rural area, very tolerable to other dog breeds. It is very suitable for dog sports (grassroots, agility, companion dog or tracking dog). There are also Smooth Collies that work as handicapped dogs or rescue dogs.

Club Bobtail.jpg


The Bobtail - or Old English Sheepdog -  is a calm and balanced dog that seeks close contact and builds an intensive relationship with his people. He has a natural protective instinct and is very loving with children, free from aggression and has a very high threshold. Nevertheless, it can also be spirited and exuberant if it does not get enough exercise. The Bobtail is very confident, of an endearing stubbornness and therefore needs a consistent upbringing. But he is also very intelligent and docile.



The Sheltie originally comes from the Scottish Shetland Islands.

Here, where the Shetland ponies and the small Shetland sheep are at home, he had the task of keeping the flocks together or away from the yard and garden. In order to improve his herding characteristics, collies were crossed in, hence the similarity to this breed. In our day and age the Sheltie is only used very rarely for herding, nevertheless some lovers have bought extra sheep or geese for herding and here the Sheltie proves that he is a very learned and intelligent dog. There are even Shelties who have been trained to use rescue and avalanche search dogs because of their body weight and intelligence.
The Sheltie is becoming increasingly popular at agility competitions. Running, balancing and jumping is his job. Here he can show what he's made of and the success of these competitions prove him right. Today's Sheltie adapts wonderfully to the family. Sheltie owners value this dog's human empathy

Club Border Collie.jpg


The Border Collie is of medium size (males 53 cm, bitches slightly smaller).  The coat long or short-haired, mostly black with white markings but also tricolor, brown-white or blue merle.

He is very easy to care for, robust and healthy. He shows charm and grace, is attentive, smart and athletic. He moves elegantly, freely and effortlessly. His nature is lovable and adorable.

He has a good affectionate character, a decent manner and is very adaptable. An agile dog in the field, he behaves in the house and pleasant and calm in public. He reports the unknown with vigilance. His eagerness to learn, his ease and cleverness and his enthusiasm for work are unique!

Welsh Corgi cardigan


He comes from the western county of Cardiganshire, which gave him his name.
This versatile little dog was previously bred only for its characteristics and not for beauty or racial unity.
Courage, intelligence, skill and vigilance were important. To do this, the corgi had to be robust, healthy and frugal.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The home of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke is the Celtic country of Wales and there the county of Pembroke, as the name suggests.
The smart, intelligent and friendly dogs have created a circle of friends as lovable and humorous family dogs. As former working dogs, Corgis want to be taken seriously, want to have a job and need consistent training. Otherwise they will know how to run your “herd”! You should not underestimate them as "lap dogs", because despite the short legs, Corgis keep up with (almost) all activities.

Australian Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog with a pronounced herding and guarding instinct. He is a dedicated companion and able to work with endurance all day long. He is well balanced and good-natured, rarely quarrelsome. At the first contact he may be a bit reserved.



The Miniature American Shepherd was developed in California during the late 1960's with the breeding of small Australian Shepherds. These dogs were bred with a goal of maintaining their small size, active character and intelligence. [...] The breed has been used for herding smaller stock such as sheep and goats, although they have the heart to tackle larger stock as well. Their small size was looked upon with favor, as they could more easily double as a household pet. They became especially popular with equestrians traveling to horse shows, as their intelligence, loyalty, and size made them an excellent travel companion. In this way their popularity spread across the country. Today, the Miniature American Shepherd is established across the U.S. and internationally. It is a breed with a unique identity - an eye catching, versatile little herding dog, equally at home on a ranch or in the city.

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