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Bergers Britannique and Australian Shepherd Club  Luxembourg 
asbl,  Affiliate to the CCAC (FCL/FCI)


Formerly founded as a Collie Club, over time the club became the home of all British herding dogs, which was taken into account in 1990 by changing its statutes and name to “Collie et Bergers Britannique Club Luxembourg asbl (CBBCL)".

After some of our breeders bred the Australian Shepherd breed, newly recognized by the FCI, in 2006 the CBBCL General Assembly decided to add the Australian Shepherd to the club as a new breed to be cared for, which made it necessary to change the name again: The CBBCL was henceforth called " Bergers Britannique et Australian Shepherd Club Luxembourg asbl (BBASCL).

Since then our club has represented the breeds Australian Shepherd, Collie, long-haired and short-haired, Bearded Collie, Bobtail, Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog and the Welsh Corgis Pembroke and Cardigan. In 2020 "Miniature Americain Shepherd" was added.

The goal of the BBASCL is to support the breeding of healthy, stable and beautiful dogs.

Our puppies are lovingly raised by responsible breeders, well cared for, vaccinated and dewormed and not passed on to selected places before the 8th week of life.

Our annual club show with CACL award "Championnat des trois Frontières", which took place for the 31st time this year, is a meeting point for friends and breeders of these breeds from many countries.

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