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After transferring an annual fee of €15 to one of our accounts, you will receive the
Membership card sent by post.
Recipient : Bergers Britannique et Australian Shepherd Club Luxembourg
I hereby declare my membership of Bergers Britannique and Australian
Shepherd Club Luxembourg

IBAN LU88 1111 0822 4990 0000

IBAN LU91 0030 4624 2358 0000

We draw your attention to the fact that you are the official body of the FCL, the
Obtain the newspaper "Fëscher,Jeër an Hondsfrënn" for an annual subscription of 12€
by transferring the sum mentioned to the account CCPLLULL IBAN LU91
1111 0523 2340 0000. It is published six times a year. The
A single number costs €2.23 at the kiosk.
The newspaper will be delivered by post.
Please note that there is no shipping abroad.

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